Sometimes it seems as though it never stops raining in the Basque Country. Some might see rain as an undesirable side-effect of the land they live in. But we have learned to enjoy its presence… and to miss it in its absence. We squeeze enjoyment out of every last drip, drop by drop.

To do so while staying dry and in style - that is the Tantä philosophy. We design and create functional apparel which doesn’t compromise on fashion or style. Our jackets have elegance and an aesthetic that last far beyond the rainy season. Live in the moment. Tantä Rainwear.

Collection 2018

TANTÄ offers two types of fabric in its range of raincoats. One is 100% polyurethane, while the other has an outer layer that combines cotton and nylon and an inner layer of polyurethane.


These garments are made of 100% polyurethane fabric. They withstand a water resistance of 4000 mm in water column.

The nylon and cotton

These garments are made on the outside with a fabric that combines cotton (70%) and nylon (30%). These garments receive an exterior treatment called 3M. The interior is 100% polyurethane so its water resistance is 4,000 mm in water column.

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