Sometimes it seems as though it never stops raining in the Basque country. Some might see rain as an undesirable side effect of the land they live in, but we have learned to enjoy its presence and to miss it in its absence. We squeeze enjoyment out of every last drip, drop by drop, tantaz tanta.

Born out of basque weather

The spirit of TANTÄ is born out of the rainy basque environment and it represents a passionate search for excellence in the performance of materials, the simplicity of forms and the functionality of details.

Search for excellence

TANTÄ’s 100% waterproof rain jackets, for men and women, ensure best quality in terms of latest generation fabrics, fine design and tailoring, richness of detail and multifunctional features. They are made by expert hands in accordance with highest quality standards and best price value. TANTÄ’s 100% waterproof rain jacekts are made to last.

Multifunctional and versatile

TANTÄ’s 100% waterproof rain jackects haven been developed for business environments and for leisure time away from town. Our waterproof and breathable latest generation fabrics ensure versatility for everyday wear, in all activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TANTÄ has you covered for every adventure ahead.

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